Monday, February 14, 2011

More Progression

Last night after downing Chimaeron, my guild and I headed to Cho'gall for a few wipes. After about five or six wipes we decided it was time to try a different strat. The range DPS was having a little problems with the slimes that come out, so they decided we should try having me running in to help out. Being a Rogue, we knew this was risky but we figured "Eh what the hell." You see, on Cho'gall, you have a "corruption" gauge. If you get to a certain amount then basically, bad things happen.

First slimes come out, I don't need to help. Second slimes come out, same story. Third slimes come out, I tricks to the mage, run in, and blow shit up with FoK. No corruption gained, fuck yes, I go back to DPS the boss. Next add comes out and then the slimes, I trick to the mage like always, run in, and start the FoK spam. This time, it was different. The mage decided to freeze all the adds right on top of me. Promptly causing them to all turn on me and start attacking.

Right when I was about to die I popped Cloak of Shadows to get the DoT off of me and Vanished. This was well and good, but my corruption hit about 95%. At 50%, you start spewing corruption onto friendly targets in front of you, and at 75% you start casting Shadow Bolts on them. However, at 100%, you can no longer be healed and you do 100% more damage. The last phase was just about begin so I let myself get 100% Corruption and blew up the boss.

I was able to live quite a while in this form, actually. Lucky for me I had Cloak and Grounding Shield up, so I used it on his Shadow Novas. After I died, the tank waited for tentacles and battle ressed me. Now it was a race against time. The longer we were alive the more corruption was spreading. At about 1mil HP, I died again. But with the valiant efforts of my fellow raid members, Cho'gall went down with half of us still standing.

All that's left is Nef and Al'Akir now. Hopefully it goes as well.


  1. i used to play but not with your skillz ;) nice blog.

  2. Congrats downing Chimaeron! I can't wait til you fight Nef and Al'Akir!

  3. Grats! Brings back memories of my WoW days. Was fun times.

  4. Those games are electronic drugs I swear

  5. Congrats man!

  6. GL, raiding is hard, lol but its worth it!