Saturday, February 19, 2011


Sorry to everyone for the lack of content these past couple of days. A few things have happened lately that has prevented my ability to get on the PC. One particular reason is that my sister just pumped out her third and hopefully last little hellspawn. Don't get me wrong, I love my niece and nephews, but if the new one grows up to be anything like the other two then I can expect a lot of cleaning up after them.

Although it seems as though all recent children born into my family are destructive little bastards. Well anyways, the reason I wasn't on yesterday is because I had to baby sit the kids the majority of the time while my sister was delivering the baby and my brother-in-law was there. I don't really have anything video related today except this video. Which is completely awesome.

Back to video games tomorrow. Until then, PLAY TEH VIDYA!


  1. nice video, very well made, I wish i could play this game though, having no time play anything lately : (

  2. I've wanted to give minecraft a try for the longest while now. I keep hearing good things about it. Funny video.

  3. very well made vid, thx for posting.

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