Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Going Home

Well, I've been in Wisconsin for a week and a half now. It's pretty fucking cold compared to Texas. I went sledding for the first time ever, and had all the fun in the cold I could... And I'm sick of it.

I'm ready to go home so I can get back to what I really love doing. Playing teh vidya! I've already decided that when I finally get home, I'm going to sit down and finish games that I started but just didn't find the time to finish. One of these would be Dead Rising 2. I loved the original, and the second is pretty damn fun.

Nothing like slaying endless hordes of zombies in a skirt. After that I'll prolly play some zombie mode on Black Ops. Considering that's the only good quality of Black Ops. I'm pretty video game starved. Stuck for two weeks playing Mario 64 (which was beat in no time) and a Wii has drained me of my love for Nintendo.

I'm more than ready to hop back on my PC and continue my progression into Cataclysm and to save the internet, one video game at a time. One Wii game that did entertain me however was Epic Mickey. It's a pretty good game, to be honest. But EPIC Mickey just isn't the right name for it. Maybe "Decent Mickey" or something similar.

So just four days until I can get back to making posts everyday that nobody cares about. Not being able to post everyday drastically reduced my traffic, completely obliterating my chances to get that $100 so Google will send my money on time.

Oh well. This blog has kept me mildly busy at home and always makes me think of what to post. I hope I'll be able to keep posting for a long time to come.


  1. haha, you don't like black ops? I thought it was better than MW2

  2. Zombie mode on black ops? sounds interesting :)

  3. "Not Great But Not Bad Mickey"

  4. Have fun, try not to freeze to death lol :p