Monday, January 10, 2011

Disappointing Final Boss Fights (Spoilers)

I'm sure if you've played many video games, then you've had your terrible one every now and then. But then sometimes you get that amazing game that you just love, but the end just makes you want to rewrite it. If I were to pull an example off the top of my head, it'd be one of my favorite games for the PS1, Azure Dreams. Spoilers below.

In Azure Dreams you're a boy named Koh who goes into the monster tower to none other than hunt for monsters. There are 40 floors in all, and you travel through each by either taking an elevator or waiting until the level collapses and carries you to the next floor. Every time you leave the tower to sell items or because you're about to die, your level drops back down to one. However, the familiar you get at the start, Kewne, retains whatever level you got him to.

Believe it or not, this game can get fairly complicated at higher levels. One obstacle of the game is your familiar 's MP. Once it hits zero, they can no longer fight. MP can only be restored by a Water Crystal or feeding your familiar. Anyways, back to the point. I enjoyed this system and I loved getting eggs to hatch and raise new familiars.

This is where it gets me. Once you reach the final floor you confront the man who killed your father when you were a child.  It turns out that Kewne was actually a part of the bad guy because he can fuse with them or some crazy shit. So you have to fight the boss without Kewne. Even though he was a total bro throughout the game.

But that's not all! Once your health gets to a certain point, Kewne decides that he likes you more and pulls your father's sword out and gives it to you. Finally, with one last attack, you put the final boss out of his misery.

So in short, you can't die. Disappointing, yes?


  1. sounds like a really easy final boss battle, maybe it was trying to go for the artsy farts approach?

  2. I can understand having an 'impossible-to-die-on-boss' around the start or middle of the game... But not at the end.
    That's just... weird.

  3. Thats so lame =/ how can you make the last boss that easy??

  4. game developers are getting lazier and lazier and tailoring mroe towards kids with the attention spans of goldfish, dont wanna make the boss hard for them guys, they might get fed up and not buy the million sequels well be shoveing out

  5. I hated this game, good to know I didn't miss anything by beating it

  6. awesome pic at the top of blog, following

  7. Kinda lame, hard to get a perfect game you know :)

  8. Happens. Gradius 3 was mind-numbingly hard, then the final boss was a joke.
    Still a great game overall though.