Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wiping like a Boss

Time for my second post on this blog. Since I'm currently in between wipes in Blackwing Descent, I'll talk about World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Not to mention there is a bug disconnecting us every time when run into the instance. Right now I'm attempting Atramedes, the blind dragon. We've wiped about three times, but everyone is getting a hang of the mechanic that generally kills us.

I enjoy it quite a bit, actually. During the fight you have sound built up on you. The person with the greatest amount of sound is targeted by some of his attacks. He'll do one attack that puts a little bit of sound on everyone, then follows up by shooting little circles all throughout the room that puts sound on you the longer you stand in them.

One would think that I'd be mildly annoyed by those circles, considering I'm a melee class. Rogue, to be exact. Well hell, we just attempted it again... I hate forgetting about poisons and starting the fight without them on. Not a good thing at all. Guess I let it slip my mind because I was busy thinking of things to type.

I'll take a break from the writing for now. I guess I need to stop being distracted.


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  3. I just started WOW so this seems pretty sweet! I don't have the new expansion though :(